The most important tourist places in Ukraine

Tourism in Ukraine and the top 10 places worth visiting

Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathians is certainly a place of power for many Ukrainians. Its incredible mountain lakes, fresh air of dense pine forests and adorable alpine villages beckon travellers from all over the world. The mountains hide a lot of attractive sites, yet there are 7 which are a must.


The city of Odessa is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Ukraine on the Black Sea coast in the southern coast. It is characterized by the beauty of its nature and climate, which makes it a destination for tourism and recreation for many tourists. The city offers tourists many hotels and restaurants located close to the sea to provide them with a very wonderful trip and an atmosphere of comfort and beauty between its streets and landmarks.


Bukovel is the largest and most touristic ski resort in Ukraine, located at an altitude of 920 meters (3,018 feet) above sea level. It has a well-developed infrastructure and magnificent mountain views that make you feel as if in the winter wonderland. In summer, people come here for wellness and SPA activities. Meanwhile, from the beginning of November till April, the village is covered in snow and constitutes a great destination for winter sports and leisure.

Brebeneskul Lake

High in the valleys of the Carpathian Mountains, one can see the highest mountain lake in Ukraine that lies at an altitude of 1,801 meters (5,908 feet). Therefore, the water in the Brebeneskul Lake is always freezing cold even during the hot summer. Tourists never swim in it and rarely stay nearby; the area has a glacial origin. Brebeneskul is nothing but a picturesque spot to take great photos. Nevertheless, it is here one can truly appreciate the beauty of virgin nature.

Shypit Waterfall

Shypit Waterfall is among the most visited attractions in the Ukrainian Carpathians. A favourite place of tent camps and tourist sites. It is located in the mountains on the outskirts of the village of Pylypets (a ski resort with the longest trails in the country). Its received the name “real miracle of nature” due to the loud noise heard from afar that sounds like a whisper (shypit in Ukrainian). The waterfall is especially beautiful in the spring, during the melting of snow in winter or in the autumn, during the rainy season.


Hoverla is definitely the best destination for those who are in love with extreme activities and hiking. It is the highest mountain of the Ukrainian Carpathians, with a height of 2,061 meters (6761 feet). The first tourist route to Hoverla was laid in the 1880s. Now, thousands of tourists make their way to the very peak. If the sky is clear, from one side, one can see the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, which is 151 km (94 miles) away. From the other side, the view opens on the Romanian city of Sighetu Marmației.

Palanoke Castle

Palanuk Castle, also known as Mukachevo Castle, is a historical fortress located in the city of Mukachev in the west of Oblast, Zakarpattia Governorate, Ukraine. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Ukraine. It is one of the ancient monuments remaining, which was an important fortress of the city from enemies since the 14th century until now. Palanok Castle is located on a high volcanic hill with a height of 68 meters. The castle consists of three main parts: the high, middle and main castle.


This city is one of the tourist destinations in Ukraine, distinguished by its ancient history, as it is considered one of the oldest cities in Ukraine and contains many buildings dating back to the seventh century AD. The city is located on the banks of the Desna River, and one of the most famous tourist attractions in it is the Catherine Church and the church located in Red Square, among others.

Abandoned observatory

An abandoned observatory on the top of the Pip Ivan Mountain is also known as White Elephant (Biały Słoń). It has its name because in winter the building gets covered in snow from bottom to top and from a far distance resembles an animal. The observatory itself was built in 1938 by the Polish and served as an astronomical and meteorological station. But when the Second World War started, it was left and currently remains abandoned. This is what attracts travellers. Palanok Castle is located on a high volcanic hill with a height of 68 meters. The castle consists of three main parts: the high, middle and main castle.

Shenborn Palace

Among the amazing architectural sights of Western Ukraine, one can distinguish a fairy tale Shenborn Palace. It is preserved almost in its original form both inside and outside. Special attention should be paid to the peculiar architecture of the castle. According to the astronomical principles, each of the elements of the façade has a special symbolic interpretation. Thus, there are exactly 365 windows in the castle, all representing the days of the year. In the case of a leap year, Shenborn Palace has another immured window.